Hartford CT WordPress Meetup

WordPress Query Loop

Understanding the Query Loop Block

The Query Loop is a powerful block that allows you to control how to display Posts and Custom Post Types on your website. Previously you had to know how to write PHP code to work with “The Loop”, but now you can use the Block Editor to quickly customize your post layouts.
Magnifier over colorful calendar

Taking a Closer Look at Calendar Plugins

In this Meetup, we’ll discuss how you can use a Calendar plugin on your website to showcase events, integrate with external calendars, or sell tickets. We’ll use one of the most popular options to demonstrate what features these plugins provide.
WordPress 6.5 on stage

What’s New In WordPress 6.5?

WordPress 6.5 is scheduled to be released on March 26th. In this Meetup, we’re going to look at the best new features and explain what changes you can expect to see on your websites.
Building Websites With Patterns

Building Beautiful Websites Quickly With Patterns

WordPress Patterns are a powerful feature that allow you to quickly build a web page or entire website. Patterns can be created easily inside of the WordPress Block Editor or you can leverage Patterns that others have created.
Calendar with Learn WordPress written on January 16

Learning WordPress in 2024

If you’re completely new to WordPress or want to improve your knowledge this year, we’ll help you get started! We’ll be joined by Laura Adamonis from the Learn WordPress training team.
Vintage style line drawing of boy in pajamas opening a WordPress gift box.

WordPress Holiday Grab Bag

Join us for a WordPress virtual “Holiday Grab Bag” where we’ll share some of our favorite tools, tips, and tricks from the year.
Cat in explorer outfit holding binoculars, looking at media icons

Exploring the Power of WordPress Media Blocks

We’re exploring Media Blocks, which provide another core set of functionality when creating Posts or Pages. These powerful blocks have features and properties that you may not be aware of.